Career Profile

After a languages oriented high school I went to study information technologies in Brno. Besides pursuing knowledge and a degree I pursued victories in online races in my free time. Three years passed and I successfuly graduated as a Bachelor of Information Technology. My stray shoes took me overseas to learn Spanish and sutdy data analysis at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga. After a year abroad I came back to Brno to complete my master studies. During my entire studies I always freshened my mind on hikes with scouts. I also found a job in Brno at Red Hat where I started doing open source. After completing my studies and becoming a Master of Bioinformatics I moved back to Bratislava. In september 2017 I joined Instarea a big data monetization company, where I’m working as Software engineer.


Online courses of Reactive architecture

Cognitive class

Master of Bioinformatics and Biocomputing

2015 - 2017
Brno University of Technology

Online courses of Cluster Analysis and Data Mining


Semester at Computer Science Department

University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Bachelor of Information Technology

2010 - 2014
Brno University of Technology


Data scientist / Software Engineer / Team lead

2017 - present
Instarea, Bratislava

Becoming a data scientist is my dream come true. Directing huge loads of data to find its place and show its value was one of my first tasks. I’m also responsible for bussines intelligence and data visualization, done primarly in PowerBI. Past year I’ve been working on a new project of peopleless sauna, building up an ecosystem (consiting of mobile APPs and IOT devices) from scratch. Apart from development I’m also coordinating a team of 5 people working on the solution. I’m always investigating new technologies, looking for some alternative aproaches or shortcuts to get better performance, keeping in mind both stability and maintainability.

Associate Software Engineer

2015 - 2017
Red Hat, Brno

It was my first “in field” job experience. I was a package maintainer for both Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. I was maintainig some Java and C packages, but my work included also some bash or Python. Besides the basic bug-fixing or RPMS, I came across technologies like Software Collections or Containers.

Scout Troop Leader

2010 - present
29. troop Albatrosi, Bratislava

I joined scouts when I was 10 and since then I love being one of them. I went under a proper scout leadership education, earning a decree. Being a troop leader requires lots of creativity, communication and managerial skills. The scout movement raise, educate and train children and the youth to become independent, responsible, active and open minded citizens. I think that in my case it proved to be true.


ElysiumSpa - At Instarea we started to implement our own IOT solution for peopleless smart saunas. Building up a database as a center point of truth was my first task. Then I created a mobile APP for controlling all IOT devices in the sauna. Some automation was necessary and for that NodeRED flows were implemented. After the ideas came alive and more people started to get involved my role included more management task as I became the technical lead of the project.
Maxpoweleague - Since 2008 I had been part of the online racing community around rFactor racing simulator. Ever since I joined I participated in organization of the events. I wrote reports, managed our website and result system, cut video reports and commented on live broadcasts.

Skills & Proficiency

SQL Database (SQL Server, MySQL, PostrgeSQL)

Data visualization tools (PowerBI)

Internet of Things (Mosquitto, Node-RED)

New technologies (ClickHouse, OmniSci, Cassandra, Hugo, Docker)

Programming languages (Bash, C, Java, Python, GO, C#)

Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)

Multimedia tools (Adobe Premiere, Photoshop)